Organizational Structure



The William C. Dunkelberg Owl Fund manages $700,000 of the Temple University endowment. The Fund has a long-only, value-focused investment policy. The Owl Fund is broken into six sectors: Financials & Real Estate, Healthcare, Industrials & Materials, Technology & Communications, and Energy & Utilities. Each sector team is comprised of three people, one lead analyst and two associate analysts.


Executives & Directors

The William C. Dunkelberg Owl Fund is run by two student executives, a Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and a Portfolio Manager (PM). The CIO handles the Fund’s day to day operations, providing pitch feedback, and overall leadership for the organization as a whole. The PM is responsible for determining sector weightings, position-sizing, and weekly performance updates. 

The Fox Fund has a separate team of directors that work in tandem with the Owl Fund Executives. The Fox Fund Directors are responsible for creating the curriculum, teaching, and running the Fox Fund.  


Lead Analysts

Students selected to be a lead analyst typically have one previous semester of Owl Fund experience. The lead analyst is responsible for covering the Owl Fund’s current holdings and identifying macroeconomic trends in their respective sector. Along with determining the weightings of the current holdings, the lead analyst is the decision-maker behind the three initiations of coverage, as well as any sell recommendations throughout the semester.


Associate Analysts

Associate analysts are placed in various sectors groups and are responsible for assisting the sector’s lead analysts on conducting due diligence and research.