How To Join

The Temple University Investment Association (TUIA) is a Student Professional Organization (SPO) housed in the Fox School of Business & Management. Students from any Temple school or college with an interest in investment management may join. Membership and participation in TUIA is a prerequisite to be considered for a Fund Manager position within the William C. Dunkelberg Owl Fund, the official parent entity of TUIA.

During the first few weeks of every semester our Managers conduct recruiting. Simply stop by one of our informational meetings and drop off an informational sheet that can be found below. We do not accept applications mid semester due to the fact that we are an educational organization. We appropriate members to our various sectors to allow for specialized learning experiences, and if one member were to join in the middle, they would miss critical stepping stones.

The principal objective of the TUIA is to train members in investing to eventually become a lead analyst. This comes through hard work and dedication to the TUIA.