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The goal of TUIA is to provide hands on investment management experience and an opportunity for members to accelerate their classroom learning. TUIA offers five training modules that provide members with the foundation necessary to progress through the organization. Additionally, an Owl Fund Equity Certification can be obtained after the five training modules are completed. The advantages of independently earning the certification include separating yourself from peers, gaining a greater understanding of stock valuation and becoming Bloomberg Equity Certified.

Fall 2016 Program:

Module #1: Careers in Finance - September 14th, 2016
Module #1 introduces TUIA members to a wide range of possible finance career tracks. This module gives a comprehensive look at multiple fields in finance such as asset management, private equity, and corporate finance.
Module #2: Stock Market Fundamentals - October 5th, 2016
Module #2 takes a deep dive into how the stock market functions. This module goes over different types of stocks, how stocks trade, and causes of stock price changes.
Module #3: Financial Statement Analysis - October 26th, 2016
Module #3 introduces growth, margins, efficiency ratios, operating cash flow, and free cash flow. The module looks to breakdown how to go about analyzing financial statements, and ties in how this fundamental due diligence can lead to better understanding what makes a firm more valuable.
Module #4: Value Investing 101 - November 16th, 2016
Module#4  introduces one of the two main investing strategy - value investing. Value investing is the sole investment strategy employed by the William C. Dunkelberg Owl Fund.
Module #5: Equity Valuation - December 7th, 2016
Module #5 introduces important valuation multiples including P/E and EV/EBITDA. This module addresses how to use judgement when evaluating trends in a company's valuation multiples. The module also goes through comparable analysis and explains how to compare valuation multiples between a company, its peer group, and its industry.

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